Within the shop we host a curated collection of designs applied onto a range of garments designed by 20 rad artists. Every time you shop we give money directly to the artist who designed it! Shop knowing you are helping independent artists pay the rent, buy more art supplies and live the dream of making art. We rotate the store every six months to keep you up-to date with coolest of the cool.

We also have an in-house Club range including an exclusive bedding range available to purchase via our online shop.

You can also rep some rad Club Merch designed by both us and a range of artists.


Like ink jet printers, this technique allows you to print millions of colours making it a perfect choice for full color prints. Digital printing also allows us to offer custom apparel and homewares with no minimum order requirement so you can test designs on your audience, make personalised gifts, individually named sports tees, apparel for corporate events, start your own label for local artist markets or online etc.

Full colour (CMYK + white ink)
Photographic textile print quality
No set-up costs / no colour separations
No minimum print run (yes you can print one at a time)
Fast turn around (1–5 days for small orders)
Bulk pricing for orders over 5 units
Cotton garments only
Max print size 40 x 45cm (but we have ways of working around this on tea towels and pillowcases)
Create online 24 / 7

You can also mix and match designs within the same style to qualify for the bulk discounts. More info on pricing here.

All garments are pre-sewn before printing. Because of this we cannot print to the very edge or all over apparel. File set-up tips here.


Screen printing is a more traditional print method in which each colour in a design is separated into individual screens. Ink is then transferred to the garment through the screen. Screen printing is more cost-effective for printing large custom orders like uniforms, large corporate events, wholesale orders etc.

Minimum print run of 20
More accurate colour match + metallics / fluro
$70 screen set up fee per colour / per design
2 week turn around
Bulk pricing for orders over 50 units
Max print area 50 x 50cm
Can be printed onto a range of fabrics

Please email with your design and quantity and we can quote accurately.


Think of vinyl as a giant sheet of sticker. We take your design and cut it out with a very clever computer cutter. We then take the giant sticker and (by hand) sit there and remove all the little bits that are not part of your design (the white bits) This can take 10 mins or two hours. It really depends on how complicated your design is. We then take the finished design and lay it on the garment. Using a heat press we adhere them together (or apply to walls and windows).

We have both metallic foil and solid colour vinyls available
All artwork must be a single colour vector file
Ai or EPS with text converted to outlines
Max size for garments 40 x 45cm
Max size for walls and windows 60cm wide x continuous roll
No minimum charges

We can help you translate your artwork into vector files and also offer decal installation

Please email for more info. Include artwork and size so we can quote accurately as we charge based on the size and complexity of the artwork.